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David Sullivan graduated from the University of Auckland, NZ with first class honours in Mechanical Engineering. Suffering from chronic lower back pain, he was diagnosed at 17 as having scoliosis. He tried many methods, conventional and unconventional, to alleviate this problem with no success.

He was introduced to the Feldenkrais¨ Method in the form of rehabilitation after a chest injury through a skiing accident in Switzerland in 1994. The method not only helped mobility, but also eventually fully alleviated his lower back, and even knee pain.

His 4 year training took place in Germany and Australia. He worked as a Feldenkrais¨ Practitioner in Munich before returning to Auckland in 2001. He is currently president of the New Zealand Feldenkrais¨ Guild.

Click here for the long story of how Feldenkrais literally saved my life.

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