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Try the following Awareness Through Movement® lessons.

The brief summaries will give you an idea of what they are about, whether you want to improve sitting, standing or if you just want an introduction and to feel the benefits of the method.

Noticably improve your sitting posture in just 5 minutes.

Introduction 10min Lesson
Done in standing, you can do this easy but effective lesson while you read your screen. By improving the ease of twisting, you will also learn to shift your weight and walk easier. Click here to try ...
. Dynamic sitting: Support through the skeleton
Done in sitting, great to do at work during a 10min break. Rounding and arching the back wakes up the spine allowing ease of weight bearing in sitting. Also excellent for RSI sufferers. Click here to try ...
. 10min Lesson on the feet (Audio)
Done in sitting, this lesson wakes up the feet and ankles and improves upright posture. It's intense but very effective. Listen and download here
. 15min Lesson on Smiling (Audio)
Done in lying or sitting, this lesson explores the relationship between our facial musces and our state of mind. A great way to lighten the mood. Listen and download here
. 15min Lesson on the Forearm and Hand (Audio)
Done in sitting with your elbow propped on books (so that the elbow is approximatley at thshoulder level) or lying on your back. This lesson is great for people with elbow, wrist or hand tightnesss or pain (carpal tunnel, RSI, tennis elbow etc...). Listen and download here
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