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Sunday Star Times,
New Zealand,
04 March 2012

Old habits die hard they say. But, as Megan Nicol Reed discovers, stubborn tensions can dissolve when you learn easier ways to move.
If nothing else he promised, you'll feel enlivened yet relaxed, light yet grounded.
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Explore your own potential for ease in body and mind. Discover the possibility of effortlessness as you learn improved coordination, flexibility and efficiency of movement.

The Feldenkrais® Method is a gentle approach to learning and development that uses movement to facilitate feedback from the body to the brain. This extra infomation allows you to release inefficient habits which may create pain and tension in your body.

David Sullivan has over 15 years of experience in the field of neuroplasticity, that is retraining the brain to adopt improved movement patterns, and has helped thousands of adults, children, sports teams as well as corporate clients.

Try a quick and easy lesson to noticably improve your sitting posture in just 5 minutes.

Who can this benefit?

chronic pain sufferers who want to alleviate their pain,
athletes who want to improve their performance,
people with cerebral palsy who want improve the control of their bodies,
or just normal 9 to 5 workers who want to sit at their desks easier and not feel so tired at the end of the day.

A quote from Neil Young, from his autobiography "Waging Heavy Peace".

"For a year or more, I stopped walking because my feet were hurting. At a doctor's advice, I tried wearing special inserts in my shoes, but they threw off my balance. Eventually I learned from...a Feldenkrais practitioner...that bad posture was putting a lot of strain on my feet. It's amazing what you can learn when you step outside the realm of people who are selling you something and into the realm of people who treat the body, not the symptom."

We've moved to our new premises at 30 Sherbourne Rd, just around the corner in Mt Eden, Auckland...

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